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We understand your concerns regarding your plans to travel amidst the current coronavirus pandemic and so all reservations are free of deposits and cancellable till the day of your travel from now till September 2021. This is our way to assure you to book with confidence and utmost flexibility.


Duty of care remains the primary concern of Peninsula Limo when providing our chauffeured services.

We have built our reputation by putting the safety and welfare of both our passengers and chauffeurs at the forefront of everything we do. When a potential threat, such as the COVID-19 virus presents itself, we have a responsibility to act. We have taken the following steps to mitigate the potential spread of the virus:

- Partitioned SUVs are available upon request for added security and free of the surcharge. (NO SEDANS)​​

- Passengers are encouraged to keep their windows downs freely at their convenience. 

- All chauffeurs are symptomless, required to wear face masks and avoid close contacts with passengers at all time. 

- Supplied sanitizing wipes or disinfecting solutions are provided with instructions for chauffeurs to wipe down all shared surfaces after each trip.

- Enacted new emergency standards for vehicle cleanliness and disinfection protocols during daily and weekly upkeep.

- We will be monitoring the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's assessments of the outbreak. We will keep you informed of any changes or updates to our services.


                                                                           We wish you and your loved ones health and safety

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