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Luggage and Package Transport


- Professionally Dressed Chauffeurs and Punctual Delivery Services

- Delivery Service for Important Documents To Court Or Clients 

 -Deliver Gifts - Surprise them with your thoughtfulness

- Trust Us To Transport Your Precious Items You Cannot Trust To Others

- Delivery Services For Valuables To A Customer

- Send Us To Retrieve Your Pre-ordered Items, Always At Your Service


Little Girl in Car

Minor Transport


- We have developed policies that ensure the peace of your mind and most importantly the safety of your child.

- With our extensive fleet and experienced staff in the office and on the road, we will make sure that your loved ones are transferred in the manner that would please you the most. (e.i. notification of pick up and drop off via text) 

- Chauffeurs assignments are restricted to only those who have been with us for years and have been trained and instructed on protocol.

- Our experienced MOM chauffeurs are also available up on request

-  Most of us at Peninsula Limo are parents ourselves, we would always treat your children as our own.




Car Seats 


- We will be able to provide you with all types of car seats and install them professionally for you.

- Our chauffeurs are trained and has the best experience in San Francisco and Bay Area. 


Infant Seats 

- From 0-2 year old.

- Rear Faced 

Rear facing provides the best protection for infants and babies. 

Toddler Seats 

- From 2-4 year old. 

- Forward Faced

When a child has outgrown their rear facing convertible seat and is at least 2 years old.  


Booster Seats 

- From 5-8 year old 

- Forward Faced

When child has outgrown their five point harness and is mature enough to sit properly.


Adorable baby boy sitting in car seat with safety belt on white background.jpg
three-year-old boy sits in an automobile children's chair, isolated, on the white.jpg
Little girl buckled in car safety seat against white background.jpg
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